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smartest man alive!

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we made a commmunity just because we can!

this community is for anyone who wants to
1. visit the east coast
2. visit the west coast
3. befriend us
4. anyone who thinks anna paquin has a drug problem

ummmm it's actually just a lot of randomness by really fun people.

"It's really cute except she made my hair really big...I am scared I look like Nancy Reagan" --Schwarzey

woot woot as they say
!muy caliente!, 40s, 5th and southstreet, 8 light years, ahhh too much snow!, apartment m2, belle lives on, big hair, brita water filters, california burritos, cherry eye, cutting off funeral processions, dreamy boys, dreamy girls, driving through tunnels, driving to new york, eating hot sauce, europe, everywhere, fetuses as art work, fg cut his hair, fighting the pizza guy, flower(the cat), gangsta kools, getting drunk on saturdays, hating frankie, having fun, hobbit sex, hot wings, jacques is so wise, janie's mom's dip, labrinyth, lovebirds, loyalty, making fun of couples, manly things, michael jackson, mr tbone, mrow, new york style pizza, non elitists, nothing to eat here, peanut butter sandwiches, philly, pleasuring ourselves, puppies and kittens, renoir's wife, road trips, robert smith, san diego, san francisco, sandwiches!, santana's, septa trains!, shoes, shopping, skipping class, spring break 2004, staying together, steve's cheesesteaks, the "divine three", the apartment kitten, the moz, theatre majors, wait what?, we can spell, we liked it first, we love people, woot woot