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ok so i just got three awesome cds
1. the smiths the singles to replace my lost best of the smiths vol 1 (awesome!)
2. michael jackson compliation
and the awesomest (!!!)
3. school house rock rocks (the remake of all the schoolhouse rock songs)
here is the playlist (it is truly unbelievable)

1. Schoolhouse Rocky [Original Theme Music] - Bob Dorough and Friends
2. I'm Just a Bill - Deluxx Folk Implosion
3. Three Is A Magic Number - Blind Melon **download this!!*
4. Conjunction Junction - Better Than Ezra
5. Electricity, Electricity - Goodness
6. No More Kings - Pavement
7. Shot Heard 'Round the World - Ween **download this**
8. My Hero, Zero - The Lemonheads
9. Energy Blues - Biz Markie
10. Little Twelvetoes - Chavez
11. Verb: That's What's Happening - Moby
12. Interplanet Janet - Man or Astro-man?
13. Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here - Buffalo Tom
14. Unpack Your Adjectives - Daniel Johnston
15. Tale of Mr. Morton - Skee-Lo
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